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School Staff

List of our school staff


Head Teacher 

  • Mrs Julie Ross

Depute Head Teacher

  • Ms Karen Drummond

Principal Teacher

  • Ms Victoria Philip

Acting Principal Teachers

  • Miss Jacqui Bestwick

Admin Assistant

  • Mrs Deirdre Travers

Clerical Assistant

  • Mrs Sandra Wilson

Early Learning and Childcare Setting

  • Mrs Rebecca Brown - Early Years Officer
  • Mrs Donna McLeary - Early Years Officer
  • Mrs Mhairi McKeon - Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Heather Scully - Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Laura Mitchell - Early Years Practitioner
  • Imke Conn - Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Sarah Huddleston - Early Years Practitioner
  • Miss Sarah Walker - Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Caroline Wilson - Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Louise Reid - Pupil Support Worker
  • Miss Bethan Kelly - Pupil Support Worker

Class Teachers

  • P1a:  Mrs Cree
  • P1b:  Mrs Murie
  • P1c:  Mrs Dalziel
  • P2a:  Mrs Lindsay
  • P2b:  Miss MacKenzie
  • P3a:  Ms Arthur
  • P3b:  Miss Govan
  • P4a:  Miss Stewart
  • P4b:  Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Taylor
  • P5a:  Mrs Kay
  • P5b:  Miss Docksey
  • P5/6: Miss Livingston
  • P6a:  Miss McGurk
  • P6b:  Miss Ramsay and Mr Gilroy
  • P7a:  Mr Hart
  • P7b:  Mrs Bennett
  • Support for Learning:  Miss Bestwick and Mrs Lowe
  • Nurture:  Miss Bestwick and Mrs Bryce
  • RCCT:  Ms Philip and Mrs Baxter
  • RCCT PE:  Mr Gilroy

Pupil Support Workers

  • Mrs Bryce
  • Mrs Pape
  • Mrs Lamont
  • Mrs Richardson
  • Mrs Graham
  • Mrs Hamilton
  • Miss Jackson
  • Miss MacDonald
  • Miss Kelly

Family Support Worker

  • Mrs McFadyen

Visiting Specialists

  • Ms Farrin - Brass Instructor
  • Ms Susan Aitken - Speech Therapist
  • Miss Aimee McGoldrick (PEF) - Speech Therapist

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